Whether completely in white, in a colourful dress or in motorcycle gap - make your wedding day a lasting experience!

Close the bond of marriage on castle Ranis!

Enjoy the atmosphere of the festively decorated gallery hall and the wonderful view on the landscape. Use the court of the castle for traditional wedding ceremonies like sawing of wood and shooting of crackers!


For the following celebration the restaurants of Ranis and all other restaurants of the neighbourhood will gladly make a supply for you!
Also overnight accomodations are available in Ranis.

You receive closer information in the register office or in the mayoralty:

Stadt Ranis D-07389 Ranis, Pößnecker Str. 49
phone: 0 36 47 - 44 28 92
fax: 0 36 47 - 42 39 45

P.S.: If you marry on the castle, you can announce your wedding now even via Internet! For only 15.00 Euro we show your notice on this page four weeks long. Only 15.00 Euro - and the whole world knows from your luck!